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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Research

The essay is completely self written,it is not just copied and pasted ,but some of the technical terms are taken from various websites as they cannot be self written. Our next step was interview. So we decided to take three interviews. Since Ragging is most dominant in Engineering and Medical colleges so we decided to take interviews from the professors of Engineering and Medical college. It was a very hectic and hard job in front of us. But finally we managed to get the interview from the professor. Unfortunately we were able to take only one interview,we could not arrange for a interview from professors of engineering colleges. Along with this interview .We also took interview of our school Principal Sir to get his opinion on ragging. After completing the interviews it was our responsibility to get the opinions of people around the globe. For that we started an online survey in the surveymonkey.com..We tried our best to spread this survey through out the globe and attract peoples to take this survey. This was the most challenging job in front of us. We started educating and telling people about this survey through many social networking sites. And at last we were successful to pull over people around the globe and take this survey. When the survey was done,we selected the best 5 answers which we decided to post on our site.
In order to take our movement one step ahead we also wrote a skit which we performed at the school stage at the skit competition which got overwhelming response from the audience and giving us the first position in the competition.
Our next step was to draw posters,so we collected lots of innovative ideas after a lengthy discussion with the teammates and coach. We then drew a rough sketch of the poster and banners before making the final one. And then we drew the final sketch and got it corrected by our coach.
After all this the skeleton of our blog was ready and we just needed to arrange it accordingly and paste it on the web.
Q. What will be its effect?
Ans:- our project will create an adverse effect on the student who are preparing for their
medical/engineering entrance examination as well as on the parents,school going
students,school principals,teachers,concerned authorities(who are given the task to stop this
menace) and most importantly common people. It will educate them more about this devilish
phenomenon and will also provide them the instructions they should follow if ragged or what
precautions they should take.

Q. What Knowledge we gained?
Ans:- We had lots of fun while creating the project. Our work began with the collection of materials
from the internet. While doing so we came to know more about this phenomenon. When we saw
the list of students died due to this menace our heart was filled with sorrow for those intelligent
minds. While writing the solution we have to think from the point of view of a principal,a parent
and a student .It provided us with more mature thinking and will help us a lot in our long run in
the future.

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